We’re always scouting around for creative learning experiences.  Robert and I are both certified divers. 

We’ve zipped around in helicopters and single engine planes and we even continue to drive in Miami.  The latter may be far more dangerous than the sharks, barracudas and heavenly squaw lines we have encountered however, I digress.

A cooking class at YUGA Restaurant in Coral Gables hosted by an award winning chef seemed like a fun new way to excite our taste buds and dive into a new adventure.   The name YUGA translates to “elegance” in Japanese as Chef Johnson Teh pointed out to our foodie tasting group.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, eight of us hungrily congregated in the comfy, elegant restaurant located on Alcazar Ave.  Chef Johnson greeted each member of our group with a smile, a bow and offered us generously poured glasses of red or white wine.  His jovial attitude and encouraging manner assured us that we were in good hands for our 3-hour cooking class.  Actually, the class became more of a culinary trip into understanding the importance of simple and healthy Asian dishes which was fine with all of us.  So off we went, through the double doors into the sanctum sanctorum of the eatery.

His sauces are simple, light and so favorable.  His personal culinary touches have delighted clients for over a decade.  Yuga’s fish and veggie selections are refreshing and nutritional.  He isn’t afraid to wander into the dining room, greet guests and ask about their encounter with his innovative Lan Pan tweaked Asian dishes.

We all got to prepare various plates and be privy to understanding his culinary concepts which I might again add are delicious. They are closed on Sundays except for special events such as private cooking classes or scheduled parties.  Worth the drive there.

YUGA Restaurant, 357 Alcazar Ave., Coral Gables, Fl. 33134.  Details: 305.442.8600